Fall-In for WMC Toronto Fashion Week

The hype of the Wold MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week (#WMCFW) is still abuzz and we aren’t about to skip out on all the juicy details. What’s trending?

The Colours: Burgundy, Navy Blue, Black, Myrtle Green
The Fabrics: Velvet, Leather, Wool, Patent Leather

A colourful crowd of self-proclaimed fashion connoisseurs and fanatics flocked every afternoon to the David Pecaut Square trying to make a statement in their own carefully curated outfits. After all, what’s the use in showing up if you won’t be remembered? This is exactly what the 27 designers intended to do.

What stood out:
Chloé comme Parris’ artsy grunge collection featured myrtle green fabrics, messy braids and print hosiery.

Pink Tartan’s classic 60’s cuts in black and pinks were rimmed with fur collars. Blonde bouncing bobs and thick brows inspired by Jessica Lange were the highlight of the compositions framed with black bandeaux.

Laura Siegel’s collection had a very ethnic feel and stood out for her textured prints, shapes and embroidery in warm earth tones.

Golnaz Ashtiani’s rounded structure volumes and craftsmanship of fabric collages into asymmetrical shapes and textures were exceptional. The accessories were just as unique: oversized fur clutches in electric colors and equestrian style caps.

UNTTLD’s St-Jacques and Bélanger went black and made it shimmer and sail down a spotlit catwalk. Clever combinations of black fabrics created a mysterious contrast in the dark.

Caitlin Power’s futuristic point of view included pieces in patent leather
and metallics in symmetrical and rectilinear patterns.

Pavoni’s beautifully crafted sheer lace gowns are descriptive the lady of today: intricate and delicate.

Vawk gave us a taste of an elegant menswear line and now we want more.

If you were so fortunate as to be a VIP, in the anteroom before each show, guests mingled, hobnobbed, networked and exchanged inside info through the grapevine all while eye balling each other’s outfits. Some out of genuine admiration, and others not so much.

What we must always remember is that fashion seasons come and go, but style remains, whether on the catwalk, behind the scenes, behind the lens or as a bemused observer in the fifth row, stay in style, Toronto.

Article by Mae Gale

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