Arts & Fashion Week 2013

|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week kicks off its 8th year with a packed-to-the-brim schedule of runway shows, performances, fashion films, photography exhibits and art installations. Hosted at 213 Sterling Road over 5 days of programming, |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week transforms a historic industrial warehouse into a vibrant multi-sensory environment.

Recognized internationally as a ground-breaking platform for up-and-coming talent, this multi-faceted festival combines the world of design and art to establish fresh and dynamic ways of looking at fashion.

|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week features the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness with a wider lens than any other fashion event in Canada. The festival is renowned for creating an environment rich in diversity, not only in the art and fashion it showcases, but also through the models that grace the catwalk and audience it attracts.

“|FAT| is not your typical fashion event. |FAT| is an experience,” says Vanja Vasic, Executive Director. “As an incubator of ideas |FAT| involves a broad creative community – with local, national and international perspectives in fashion.”


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