Oh Daughter

An array of Torontonians filled the Great Hall on Tuesday night to listen to Daughter. From hipsters and hippies, to your average joe and a few parents – the indie folk band hailing from the UK brought them all out and had them singing along. Daughter is made up of Elena Tonra (vocals/guitar), Igor Haefeli (guitar), and Remi Aguilella (drums), who came together in 2010. Getting their start humbly through word-of-mouth, they are now signed to prestigious UK label 4AD (who represent the likes of Bon Iver and Iron & Wine).
It’s no wonder that in the trio’s short time together, they’ve already caught the eye of David Letterman and Rolling Stone Magazine. If you think they sound familiar, they probably do – they’re songs have been featured in some fairly popular TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries
The Great Hall loved every second of the performance by Daughter – despite some lighting issues, which Tonra handled gracefully and adorably, smiling and giggling that they had been having some technical difficulties that day. Tonra’s hauntingly beautiful voice sounds effortless, almost floating out over the crowd and captivating every ear (even when in near pitch black). 
Their debut album, If You Leave, was recently released and the band is currently on tour. One thing is for certain, keep an eye on Daughter, they’re a band we can expect to see around in the coming years. Check them out here.

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