A New Wave of Thirsty Thursdays

It’s no secret that the Art Gallery of Ontario is pulling out all the stops for their highly anticipated 1st Thursdays events. With Torontonians advertising they’ll buy someone’s tickets for double the price, it makes going to one of these ensemble art exhibits a unique and sought after experience.
May 2nd brought a slew of visual, verbal, and musically artistic talent to the venue and attendees swarmed around with smiles, pointing fingers in every direction as there was something new to feast their eyes on.
Performance piece by Nicole Collins and two co-performers started off the night as Collins used her arm as a compass to draw perfect circles on a wall (inspired by Buddhist monks!) in the Irina Moore Gallery. Life of Craphead, a duet in short comedy sketches performed in the Reuben Wells Leonard Memorial Gallery hosted a small space surrounded by European art that echoed with laughter at the duos quirky jokes.
Pop-up bars and affordable and tasty appetizers (porchetta, arancini balls and zeppole – yum!) provided by the AGO paired nicely with the art on the first floor.  DJ Iris Fraser-Gudrunas and her crew outfitted in Renaissance-inspired attire by Adrienne Kammerer echoed the space while you browsed the equally as Renaissance rooms of work from the AGO vault and a welcomed peak at the Patti Smith exhibit.
Upstairs you could paint-by-numbers or practice your printmaking with local artists alike while listening to DJ Mama Knows spin some of her favourite records.  Attendees also had the choice between a scoop of gelato or a cocktail (or both!).  With so much more going on at the gallery, one really needs a game plan upon entrance and, at least for me, I know that practice makes perfect and we’ll try to catch more on the next Thursday.
Zeusperformed in Walker Court – the center of the AGO  that had fans staking out their spot since the doors opened. Their soothing and soft alt-rock melodies filled the space beautifully and sent supporters away satisfied. At first it seems like a strange place to see a band play, but euphoric and fitting when you’re surrounded by such a mix of ancient and contemporary exhibitions of emotion.

Brought to you by Andrea Wrobel

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