Bier is Beautiful

Summer is finally around the corner. It’s time to enjoy a cold one on a nice sunny patio and what better place to tease your senses with a wide selection of beer than the Bier Markt. Toronto’s patio season is something we’re all looking forward to. With that, Bier Markt launched their summer beer and food menus as part of their Bier is Beautiful showcase to (hopefully) encourage more of this warm weather.

We were met at the door with a sample of their Hop Mason IPA – one of the beers being showcased that night – which in my opinion is one of the best ways to be greeted. It was quite hoppy but flavourful enough to be enjoyed on its own or paired with a meal – a valid introduction to what the evening had in store for us. We were also given 2 tokens to sample their other new beers, as well as 2 additional drink tickets to enjoy a full pint of whichever sample we liked best. With our drink tickets in hand, we ventured onto the patio to sample some more of their summer-time beers. They offered three types of beer to sample from – Hop Mason IPA which we had already sampled walking in, Houblon Chouffe IPA, and Hasseröder Pilsner. The IPAs were both very hoppy with long finishes and paired nicely with each food, however my favourite became the lighter and simpler Pilsner. The IPAs could have been a meal in itself, and not as easy to drink as the Hasseröder, which I found could be enjoyed on it’s own. I knew exactly where I’d be spending my drink tickets.

Executive Chef Michael Cipollo created an elaborate tasting menu showcasing his varying skills. His station dubbed “Not All Beer Are Created Equal” presented his Poulet au Bier or Beer Can Chicken; roasted chicken with different cans of beers in each. The chicken was juicy and flavourful, however it would have been nice to have been able to sample each type of chicken to see the contrast in flavours. He also had a barbeque going with 3 different flavours of sausage: Ontario pork & orange zest, lamb Merguez, and Breton pork with fennel & chili. I know it’s hard to time when people are going to eat at a casual barbeque and although the sausages were quite flavourful, they were fairly dry and over cooked. Chef Cipollo regained himself, however, with the food collection being passed around. King Prawns with a simple potato salad, Beef Brisquet burger (which looked delicious although never made it to our table), a giant Markt pretzel bite, and a Rösti Croquette full of cheesy potato-y goodness left me craving more.

By the end of the evening, the tables were covered in mini beer glasses and empty dishes signalling a successful night. Bier Markt clearly knows what to do as soon as the nice weather hits and proves that bier is in fact, a beautiful thing.

Cheers to a beautiful summer!

Article by Celia Schepp

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