Barbarossa’s Bloodlines is strangely beautiful

The wonderful life of contributing to a blog has its ups-and-downs. The evening of June 10, 2013 was my attempt at covering Barbarossa’s Toronto show and was thwarted by the oversight from the office staff of the venue, resulting in my not being on guest list. Hey, it happens and you just go with it. The decision you have to make at that point is to pay the ticket price, or turn and excuse yourself through the line. On a wet and dreary evening after trudging through the city to get to the venue, I realized I really just wanted to be sitting at my desk at home relaxing, so I chose the later. Lucky for me, I happen to have an early release the new album of the artist I was supposed to see live this evening. So lemons to lemonade and I decided to do a bit of an album review instead.
Barbarossa, aka London based James Mathé, Bloodlines, a ten-song album through Memphis Industries coming August 2013. Not having a huge selection of mellow music in my collection, I have to say Bloodlines is a nice addition. I was a little skeptical at first, but with the mood light being set by my laptop monitor and the music flowing through my studio speakers, it didn’t take too long to say I am a fan. It has to be the mix of the gentle vocals mixed with shadowy electronics and a bit of folk and soul that really give the album its mood.
I am oddly appreciative of the administrative hiccup that kept me from seeing the live show (although I will be criticized for saying so). Sometimes just having a dimly lit room and the music levels just right you can thoroughly enjoy the music on a personal level.
Mathé’s Bloodlinesis moody and strangely beautiful, a perfect album for relaxing alone or with a few friends and a glass of wine or two. I can’t get into the technicalities of what makes this a very nice listening album, I can simply say it hits me with emotion and the reaction to that emotion is simply to enjoy it. In fact I’m enjoying it enough to keep it on repeat for the evening.

If you get a chance, check out Barbarossa, Bloodlines released through Memphis Industries. I’m sure his live show is fantastic as well, but the drinks will be more expensive.

Article by R. E. Nicholson

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