Neal Brothers: 25 Years and Counting

Just as my fridge was starting to look a little bare this week, I got a special delivery. At my doorstep was a huge goodie bag full of Neal Brothers’ Foods in honour of their 25th anniversary. The lovely care package contained a bag of their Pink Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips, Sweet & Smoky BBQ Kettle Chips, Pink Himalayan Salt Kettle Chips, Organic Blue Tortillas with Flax Seeds (my absolute favourite chip), a jar of their Organic Medium Spiced Salsa, a box of their Parmesan & Pepper Croutons and a bottle of both their Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing and Smokey Bold Barbecue Sauce.

As much as I would have loved to eat it all myself, I figured I might as well share my fortune with some friends. Their Organic Blue Tortillas are my usual go to tortilla chip, so we decided to spruce it up and make them into nachos, while munching on the bags of kettle chips. Because of the elaborate names of the kettle chips – Himalayan Salt, Pink Salt, etc- I was expecting there to be a distinct difference in flavour. Although they were still quite tasty, they didn’t seem to set themselves apart from any other kind of kettle chip. Despite that, they were deliciously crisp and light, and we finished all the bags before the nachos were even in the oven.

To justify our chip binge, we made a simple salad with the Toasted Sesame dressing and Parmesan & Pepper Croutons. We ended up munching on the croutons more than using them in the salad because they were so tasty. The dressing was rich and flavourful transforming our simple salad into a gourmet dish. With a side of guacamole and their Organic Salsa, we devoured the nachos and salad. It was a great light meal for a hot summer evening.

Additional notes: The packaging of their kettle chips were extra special. It wasn’t until I started taking pictures, did I notice that the year they launched the different flavours of chips were printed on the actual bags. A very subtle yet cool way to market their products. As well, on the back of each bag, they had a little story or blurb about their company, family or visions for the futures, just bringing the consumer closer to the family ideals of the brand. Although we didn’t get a chance to barbecue anything, I will definitely be looking forward to using their Smokey Bold Barbecue Sauce next time I can.

A true family business, the Neal Brothers Foods came about in 1988 in their mother’s kitchen in Aurora, Ontario. Peter and Chris Neal started out making croutons for fun and eventually expanded into a huge business. 25 years later, they are excited to share their ever growing range of products including Organic and Fair Trade options.

Neal Brothers Foods can be found in most, if not all, grocery stores near you. Be sure to check out their website to find more information on there products and company.

Article by Celia Schepp

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