European Delights on Yonge St.

Hanieh & Majid, Owners Pfannkuchen Köln
Owners Hanieh (Honey) & Majid. Photo by Randy E. Nicholson
I had a huge dilemma about writing this post, a personal battle of whether to divulge one of my favourite neighborhood spots to the masses. Surely a one hundred percent selfish conundrum but it was still there.
In a sea of mediocre copycats and humdrum cafés, shines a little piece of Europe in the otherwise bland Bedford Park neighborhood. I mean it literally shines with hot pink walls and café bar surrounded by bare dangling Edison bulb lighting. Pfannkuchen Köln, Creperie & Cafe, has only had its doors open for just over a month but has already established a loyal following with those looking for quality well-priced food and some of the best coffee you will find.
Glass Bottle of Cola, Pfannkuchen Köln
Glass bottles make things taste better.
Photo by Randy E. Nicholson
Griechischer Salat, Pfannkuchen Köln
Griechischer Salat. Photo by Randy E. Nicholson

Having visited Cologne, Germany a few years ago, Kölner Dom, Cologne’s towering gothic style central cathedral, is immediately recognizable as Pfannkuchen Köln’s logo (also in hot pink). Owner’s Hanieh (Honey) and Majid made the move to Canada a few short weeks prior to opening Pfannkuchen Köln and really wanted to bring the feeling of the city they lived in and loved for years to their new Canadian adventure. With the help of Hanieh’s brother Behnam, who designed their logo and business cards, you will see the little touches throughout the creperie. Everything down to the napkin rings has their uniquely branded touch. If they pay that much attention to the little details, imagine how much effort and care goes into everything they produce.  

So, if you are in the Bedford Park area, or precisely outside 3345 Yonge St., make sure you stop in and have a crispy crepe, scrumptious salad, or treat yourself to a delightful dessert. Along with any treat you choose try a large cup of coffee (nicknamed a bowl) or my personal favourite, a large Americano.

The atmosphere, the great food and welcoming service will have you visiting again-and-again. Please just make sure you leave a chair for me.

Article by R. E. Nicholson

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