All The Best Fine Foods

Hosting a dinner party is cool again, so impress your chic friends with necessaries from All The Best Fine Foods. Located at 1101 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4W 2L9, it has been around since 1984. Run by local female entrepreneurs, founder Jane Rodmell and Sue Merry, the focus of this store is quality and variety. Stocking curated products, peruse their global selection of olive oils, and  stash away crowd-pleasers like steak-and-kidney pies, locally sourced sausages and adorable sugar cookies for the grown-up kid in you.

Considered a hallmark establishment in the Rosedale/Summerhill community, the gourmet store was one of the first to bring together multiple varieties of bread from the best bakeries around downtown Toronto, creating a convenient solution for the pickiest of hosts. With an abundance of fine cheeses, artisan products sourced from local farms and organic produce, quoting Sue Merry’s insistence that “margarine has never set foot in this store”, the values of All The Best is in it’s title. 

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