Free dogs at Fancy Franks today 12-7pm!

Happy National Hot Dog Day Toronto! Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs on College is giving away free hot dogs today in celebration – but only until 7pm!  Patrons can donate to the Sick Kids Foundation by either purchasing a bottle of water, Frank’s pins, sunglasses and/or simply dropping whatever bills or coins in the large jar when picking up a free hot dog.  It’s a hopping corner – College and Major – with DJ Lynx on the scene pumping a massive beat. You can’t miss it!

Fancy Franks was conceived in the fall of 2012 by owner Angelos Economopoulos with a simple goal of providing Torontonians with delicious and locally-sourced hot dogs, from simple to supreme.

“I had been thinking of hot dogs for a couple of years prior to the opening of Fancy Franks. There is the typical street meat fare here in Toronto, but nothing really stands out like the restaurants in LA, Chicago or New York City,” Economopoulos explained. He then created over one hundred recipe ideas until the menu of his top 15 hot dog concoctions emerged and is what Fancy Franks is today.

With three children of his own and in the interest of supporting his community, Economopoulos paired up with the Sick Kids Foundation, a program that has always been there when his children have needed them most.

“It’s important to give back to the community, the city and really to anyone that has helped you along the way whenever you can,” Economopoulos said. “I believe in supporting many great causes and for Fancy Franks our cause is SickKids Foundation.”

If that doesn’t convince you to visit, maybe Brian’s first hand account will:

The idea is simple enough: a day to celebrate a food that has become a North American staple – the hot dog. National Hot Dog Day, started in the land known for hot dogs – the US – is something not as celebrated here in Canada. And to the best of my recollection, something never celebrated here in Toronto…not until now. Excited re-tweets from Fancy Franks filled my feed and my whole world changed! 

Come one, come all – #free steamed hot dogs in celebration of National Hot Dog Day! #FFNHDD #HotDogDay #Toronto— Fancy Franks HotDogs (@FancyFranks) July 23, 2013

Free hot dogs!? A fundraiser for Sick Kids!?!? DJs??!?!?!?! Was it too good to be true? I quickly headed over to the corner of College and Major to find out. It was like a whole street party had exploded and everyone was invited. Clowns blowing balloons in the form of hot dogs, loud music, friendly faces and of course, hot dogs. I checked out some of the merch being sold (with all proceeds going to Sick Kids), got my dog, and grabbed a seat at one of the bright yellow tables. As I sat and enjoyed my veggie dog the lines started to get longer; I can’t even imagine what they’ll be like before the event wraps up at 7pm. Regardless, with all proceeds from the sale of bottles of water, sunglasses, and 1 of 4 stylish pins, the event is sure to be a success.


Brought to you by Andrea Wrobel and Brian Cauley

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