Toronto Warped Tour 2013: Photo Review

One thing that shocked me this year was how many moms weren’t in attendance at Warped… Maybe because the last time I went was in 2004 when it was held in Barrie and the mud pit made everyone seem that much more ruthless and out of control (right, moms?)… But I’m not complaining.

The Vans Warped Tour hit Toronto on a Friday this year – July 5th – down at “The Flats,” a nicely paved piece of the city (unlike Barrie… I really appreciated this, apparently).  If it wasn’t raining, I’d had simply thought that every attendee did their due time in the steamy mosh pit of summer sweat but the clouds made for a nice game of “they-moshed, they-forgot-an-umbrella, they-don’t-give-a-fuck-yeahhhhh.”

So without further ado, some photos. I made my 15-year-old heart happy as I stage hopped around listening to both new and old tracks of bands like The Used and The Early November (photos below), glad to see that the tracks I feared may not be timeless are still resonating in the hearts of Warped-goers almost 10 years later.

(If you’re wondering which tracks I’m referring to, see here (released March 2003), and here (released in 2004), and here (released in December 2002), for example.)

Blue hair, don’t care.  (Because’s it’s awesome.)

Bring Me the Horizon

3OH!3 (“Fingers crossed for K.P.!” I thought. No such luck.)


Hawthorne Heights

Early November (Oh, Ace Enders.)

The Used (Have you seen Springbreakers? I kept an eye out for Selena Gomez just in case she was going to sing or something. Imagine?)

Big D and the Kids Table (Ending the afternoon with some trumpets and joy – please and thank you.)

Article and photos brought to you by Andrea Wrobel

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