Beaches International Jazz Festival packs Queen Street East

The 2013 Beaches International Jazz Festival has been going on all week but the street fest kicked off last night – July 25th – along Queen Street East to lots of light-heeled, light-hearted dancers and individuals alike. With two more days to go, the city is expecting tens of thousands of visitors along the 2 km stretch of Queen Street East that is closed for the occasion.  If you’re driving, there is a break at Wineva and Queen to cross over Queen Street – a little tip I learned after hitting barricade after barricade.

The music seeped into my Beaches apartment, even with the windows closed, and I had to get a little preview of the ongoings for TSR (despite my camera being stuck on a specific aperture setting!).  I have to say, seeing people tap their toes, twirling one another, and even swing dancing over the streetcar tracks was delightful.  With over 50 Canadian bands set to perform, strolling down Queen listening to everything from soul, swing, big band, funk… you name it. You can’t miss it. If you don’t mind the crowds, this powerful music can truly absorb you and make your night something different and special.

Oh – the best news? IT’S FREE.

Here are the bands we saw last night, all with their own incredible energy and atmosphere that made me wish I could move to the music the way my heart was: Soul Motivators, Juice (young and funky!), Blue Room, Toronto All-Star Big Band (amazing energy), Project Phoenix, Patrick Tevlan’s New Orleans Orchestra feat. Hannah Krapivinsky (a personal and new favourite), and Brownman Electryc Trio.

Brought to you by Andrea Wrobel

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