BLACKOUT 10th Anniversary

Come have a ravingly good time at the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Seaboard Blackout of 2003. Hosted by your favorite balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band, the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, last year, the crew took a mass of people into the subway, played in Union Station, and then paraded to Front and Church with a whole whack of performers before receding into Berczy Park behind the flat iron building. And what did it all cost? Subway fare.

This year,they have some very special surprises lined up with performances throughout the night by:

Samba Elegua
Maracatu Mar Aberto
Maria Bonita & The Band
Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party
Ada Dahli & The Pallbearers
Red Tent Tea Party
Kosa Kolektiv
Christopher Weatherstone
Michael Louis Johnson and Red Rhythm
Te (Balfolk from Holland)
Tangi Ropars
Complete Street Band
New Model Circus Army

All you have to bring this year (MANDATORY):

– a candle
– a jar or paper bag (for wind protection)

Other things you can bring (OPTIONAL):

– a picnic basket
– a blanket
– your friends and family

The 2003 Blackout turned out to be an incredible opportunity for us to get out into the streets and other public spaces of Toronto and to meet and engage our respective communities. It was a brief period full of the the accidental intimacies we all crave but sometimes overlook in our day to day lives. Join us for a candlelit 10th annual commemoration of the evening that we were reminded what our beautiful city COULD be when we are open to the unexpected and all the gifts it brings.

8PM: gathering at the corner of Queen and Callender
8:30PM: opening set by the Lemon Bucket Orkestra
9:15PM: parade into the unexpected…


7PM: gathering of cyclists at SORAUREN PARK for a very special art spin bike ride (this critical mass ride will most definitely link up with the pedestrian gathering

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