CraveTO brings beers, bites, and beats to Honest Ed’s back alley

Hoping to bring events back to the days where everyone knew the name of the grocery store owner, local entrepreneur Stev Baycetich has sparked a new trend in socializing: #CraveTO.

This Saturday, August 17th, visitors are invited to the historical back alley of Honest Ed’s to experience either #CraveTO Day or #CraveTO Night (or both…!) featuring food from local vendors (offerings at $5 or less), beer from local breweries ($5), and beats from local DJs. The event is 19+ only.

What better way to #LoveLocal???

Their disclaimer:
CraveTO is not a beer event, not a food event, not a music event, but a new level social event for young downtown professionals. Designed for discovery of new food, drink and offerings available within Toronto, while showcasing the premier creators in these spaces. In food we trust, but with music and beer it is better.

Tickets are available for the day or the night:
CraveTO Day: 12:30pm – 5:00pm. $14.50/ ticket
CraveTO Night: 7pm – 11pm. $17.50/ ticket

Andrea Wrobel

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