Manifesto Festival: Interview with unbuttoned

The Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture returns for its 7th year, featuring a unique program of visual arts, dance, music and cultural events. Taking place this weekend, September 19 – 22, 2013, we love music and decided to cosy up [over the phone] to interview one of their local acts, unbuttoned, who will be playing live at the Virgin Mobile Stage.

Describe who unbuttoned is. We think you’re pretty cool.

We’re a 5 piece group, and we play a mix of electronic and R&B. Casey writes the tunes, Camila belts them out.

Who are you major musical influences, and where are you going?

Jangle Monad, Prince, Arcade Fire, Radiohead. Not least, Free for All, we used as inspiration for our newest album. It’s a marriage of older songs that we’ve been working on, had been written but never put on an album until now. Kanye’s newest album was a major influence as well.

How did you get involved with Manifesto?

It is who you know. The Known Unknown asked us to get involved! We love performing locally and it is great to get out there, to have people experience our sound. We’re also sharing the stage with some wicked artists. We’re just happy to be there.

You released the album, Electric Kingdom, in Japan. What was it like?

It was a sold out album, it was a strange juxtoposition of Japan release vs American release, an entirely different experience.

What’s next for unbuttoned?

We are recording a new album! We’re in a basement studio, working with tunes, proper tunes, and aiming for a release in 2014, ideally. We’d also like to play Europe, just to check out and see how we do there.

If you’re into things Japan likes, unbuttoned is playing alongside Sean Leon on Sunday, Sept 22 at 3PM at Yonge + Dundas Square

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