Gentlemen’s school teaches Toronto males how to be men

Article and photo by Brian Cauley.

What does it mean to be a man? Being rugged? Taking charge? Dressing in dark clothes? Maybe. Maybe not. Toronto School for Gentlemen founders Jonathan Hagey and Pedro Mendes say that being a “gentleman” is about growing up, taking responsibility, and doing things with “intent.”

They believe the current generation has lost touch with their man-hood, and society is plagued by “man boys”. So, to avail us of this determent, and to provide generally informative and social nights out, they formed The Toronto School for Gentlemen.

The first “class” – How To Assemble an Outfit – will be held Monday September 30 at Loft 404. Tickets are $25, buy them here.

Stay tuned for a full-review of the class and interview with founders Jonathan and Pedro.

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