Steam Whistle Does Oktoberfest 2013

“Every time one of our new staff members reaches their 5th anniversary working at Steam Whistle, we reward them with a trip to Munich to experience the roots of Steam Whistle and the culture of Oktoberfest.” Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! It was on those trips that Sybil Taylor, Communications Director for Steam Whistle Brewing Co became so inspired and infatuated with the festival. “We fell so in love with the spirit of Oktoberfest that we knew we had to bring it home. We wanted that party but still maintain the traditional authenticity of the true Munich festival”.

Packed with people who love the day, the culture, the food, the beer, the music – the brewery was hopping (literally!) with individuals as friendly as if they’d been your neighbour for years. Between dancing, stein refills of Steam Whistle’s filtered or unfiltered beer (mehr bier bitte!), trips to get more pretzels (mehr brezeln bitte!), sausage or sauerkraut, or mingling and meeting new friends, the day was a truly welcoming event in the spirit of German holiday. A bonus for the vegetarians in attendance – you could get an entire plate stacked with veggie sausage and other eats that were as filling as ever (an addition that does not often occur when attending other classically cultural events).

Famous for their “Doing one beer, really well” they rely the brewing techniques of Belgium and Czech breweries. “It was only natural to have a festival reflecting our direct inspirations. We are a Canadian-Belgium/Czech beer, why not embrace the culture completely? It is truly a celebration that we want to share with everyone for as long as we can. Whether you want to eat, drink, dress up in lederhosen and dirndls or just come out and meet some new people, there is something for everyone and it you’ll be sure to leave with new friends”.

At $25 a ticket, a festive hat, and a beautiful ceramic (and heavy when loaded) stein, I’ll definitely be going back next year. It’s a party full of PROST! that shouldn’t be missed.

For more SteamWhistle events be sure to check out their website at and be sure to pick up your very own Steam Whistle Oktoberfest Stein at local LCBOs for just $14.95.

Happy Oktoberfest!

Article brought to you by Andrea Wrobel & Celia Schepp

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