The Walking Guide to Indie Week

Minimum travel, maximum exposure! Indie Week is celebrating its 10th year this weekend.

If you only have tonight, here’s a slightly biased, not-to-scale hitlist map of venues, for those who don’t particularly want to spend too much time in transit, wasting the sheer awesome of an all-access wristband. Walk around, see much. Keep between Spadina and Bathurst-ish, stay on the West Queen West strip and dip a toe on King St for The Peacock and Underground Garage, you’ll do just fine.

If you can only stay in one place [but why!!!!] go to The Supermarket, which is having the Coalition Indie Music Showcase with tonnes of variety, or The Rivoli, a good ol standard with sets that start early and end late.

– Opt to start on either the west or east end, working your way towards home, progressively getting merrier**
– Start at either Brookylnn [West] or Soho House [Central/East], with sets that end early [last band on at 11PM], and make your way to the heart of Indie Week, clustered around The Hideout
Czehoski, Cherry Cola’s,Velvet Underground, Peacock and Underground Garage have their last sets at 1AM and Hideout and Rivoli play on till 3AM
– If you live closer to Bloor, go instead to Free Times Cafe, Victory Cafe, The Supermarket, Crawford Bar, The Cage 292 or The Central for your good times

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