Ghost Hole V is tonight

Vanessa Reiger explained Ghost Holes. Photo: Andrea Wrobel

Article by Brian Cauley

The fifth instalment of the annual haunted event, Ghost Hole, happens tonight. Taking place at Artscape Gibraltar point for the second year in a row, attendees can expect a truly haunting experience. Over 30 installation artists and musicians will take over the old school house and adjacent beach to fill the space with monoliths, creatures, and even crystal ball readings.

We met up with co-currators Vanessa Reiger, Morris Fox, and Brendan Dalmer to talk about some of the art people will see, working in an old school house, and the artist live-in residency program that has become a staple of creating Ghost Hole.

Some of the instalments we’re most excited for are Fox’s “Phantom Lights/Phantom Sounds” – a constructed work of visual trickery that will make people feel like they’re staring into a haunted abyss – Julia Dickens “Haunted Library”, Ali Christensen’s “Midnight Society” – an ode to the TV Show “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” – and whatever is going to happen in the very creepy boiler room we saw.

Check out some of Andrea Wrobel’s photos of our exploration into the space:

You can take any Ferry to the Island, but are recommended to take the Ghost Ship leaving at 6, 8, and 10pm as it goes directly to Gibraltar Point. The Ghost Ship leaves from The Power Plant and all other ferries leave from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal – 235 Queens Quay West and cost $7 return trip. Tickets are $15 at the door.

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