Last Minute NYE Plans – Downtown Toronto

Has NYE creeped up on you like some weird stranger on the TTC, asking what time it is? The countdown to an awesome night begins, so below are a bunch of things to do in downtown Toronto for the youngish urban crowd.

If you missed getting tickets to parties like the Thompson NYE Bash, never fear! Last minute cancellations do happen and the best place to score tickets would be event Facebook pages. Otherwise,  if you just wanna get major FOMO or try your hand at gate crashing, here is a good reference from homies at The Grid.
First, we’ll play favourites. Below are our top two picks for people who just want to have a good time with no stress and good tunes. Full disclosure: These parties are run by our friends, but they’re so freaking awesome that we’ve got no problem doing a shill. For the record, neither party organizer asked us to.
NYE @ 159 Manning: The Legend Continues
Co$t: $10
Feel: Low key, lots of very sinewy and flexible young people, good music, hosted by local wizard Tim McCready in his HOUSE. Instead of paying through the nose for cover and being dealt Top 40s Pop and a cheap glass of champagne, you drink what you bring, listen to local bands, local DJs, in a classic house party close to Trinity Bellwoods, which means the opportunity for random neighbourhood fireworks. Yes, bring your swag Veuve Cliquot. No power-crazy bouncers here, just good times and a sweet backyard geodesic dome.

YLMC NYE 2014: Dwayne Gretzky & DJ Lazy Ray
Co$t: $35

Feel: Downtempo chic, more attractive people, music industry types, hosted by Bobby Kimberley, a stand-up nice guy and smart young business dude. Expect a whole lot of groovie tunies from the vaults of disco, funk, and rock n’ roll. Careful music curation is the key to this party, and it looks like free beer from Grolsch. Held at the Palais Royale, it’s a bit out of the way, but the venue is worth it. Romantic and stuff.
Best bet to getting an NYE makeout session.
Ok, so maybe you don’t want to hang out and play it low key.

NYE: Black + White Ball at Drake Hotel
Co$t: $20 to $155 for Dinner 

Feel: Dressy. A popular hangout for young, upscale and mobile across the GTA, the Drake is known for a decent party. Channel Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn and feel elegant like it’s the 20s. However, the lineup is imminent unless you go for dinner service or hit it before 10PM.
Are you a grown up?
Party at the Castle NYE 2014, Celebrating 100th Year Anniversary 
Feel: Sophisticated, super romantic staircases, great view, all-inclusive food and beverage. 
This party is the epitome of a classic TV/Movie version of a New Years Eve Soiree. Everything is pretty, you’re taken care of, lots of high ceilings and the chance to sneak away to multiple turrets and hidey-places to whisper resolutions. Also lots of ways to sneak in.

How about family and new-date friendly, classic but still good?

NYE at Nathan Philips Square
Co$t: FREE

Feel: Lots of opportunity to hold hands with someone nice. Bring heat packs and a blanket for cuddles. There will be skating, a curling demonstration [?!??], fireworks and musical performances from DJ Clymaxxx as well as bands Fathead and God Made Me Funky to ring in the new year. For those looking to avoid the large crowds, there will also be a skating party at the Natrel Rink outside of the Harbourfront Centre until 2AM.

Do you like big parties?
Grand Gala 2014 at The Sheraton Hotel
Co$t: $60 – $100 with Dinner 
Feel: 2000 guests in a nice hotel.

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