Running Out of Time: the TIFF 24-hour Film Challenge WINNER!

We went through the rules, spoke with last year’s winner, and watched the teams head off to make their 3-minute films in the span of 24 hours and we have a winner! See our earlier coverage here.
A still from “Running Out Of Time”

Below is the winning film Benjamin Lappalainen and his team submitted to the 2014 TIFF 24 Hour Film Challenge sponsored by RBC. It features time travel, a few quirks, and that beautiful red beret that makes us think “Rushmore.” One of the criteria was to include the red beret! Other stipulations were:

  1. Films can not be longer than 3 minutes.
  2. Each film must include a scene with a red beret (an ode to Rushmore).
  3. Each film must include a 360-degree shot.
  4. Extra points for including props from the cult-classics, like a hamburger phone (Juno).

Running Out Of Time (Winner of the 2014 TIFF NextWave 24-Hour Film Challenge!) from Benjamin Lappalainen on Vimeo.

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