Bachelorette: a bad bender done extremely smoothly

bach2014_lucie-guest_jessica-hinkson_katie-messinaIf you want to laugh, you need to get yourself down to Red Sandcastle Theatre for 8pm at some point this week. BACHELORETTE, a play my Leslye Headland, runs until May 17th at the Queen East playhouse. Directed by Torontonian David Tompa and produced by Lucie Guest and Jessica Hinkson who also star in the piece, Bachelorette is a must see. I can’t stress that enough.

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The play invites audiences into the twisted and intimate world of one fucked up night, and we watch a group of friends spiral into their usual behaviours… except this night, it peaks. Their routines, their annoyances, their bad decisions… Everything spirals out of control in front of us and we’re not even given a second to wonder how much time has passed since we last saw that wannabe bride deliver a ridiculous one-liner.

While the play itself stands golden on its own, it must be said that the talent of this cast bringing such a dark and stormy night so alive is impressive and immediate. Guest’s excursion as Katie, a hindering hot mess, paired with her cokehead bestie, Gena (Hinkson), sets the tone for a wild and hilarious beginning. Enter Regan (Melissa Robertson), the maid of honour to Becky (Katie Messina), the bride to be married the following afternoon, and a debaucherous hotel party charged by jealousy and high school grudges turn the night into a destructive and revealing bender. And where would this night be without a couple of random fellows to fuck things up? Unlikely friends but friends all the same, a stoner (Mikey Lipka) and Bay Street boy (Justin Tensen) add icing to the already slippery and intimate landslide.

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Despite the overuse of the word “retarded,” Bachelorette has a great deal of realism to it. Everyone hated Katie in high school and now people just ignore her. “People who have nothing but disdain for me don’t seem to bother me as much as people who think I’m a light fixture,” Katie says, proudly sharing insight into her simple but calamitous lifestyle. Drinking, drugs, promiscuity, reliability, honesty, and randomness – elements that we’ve all encountered as twenty-somethings, and elements that this play invited us into with open arms, holding us down and making us watch as it all goes to shit.

But it’s funny. Trust me. The whole room barrelled in laughter at every twist and turn. The humanness of Bachelorette is why you should see it and, you’re lucky, because this cast is spot on. The fast-paced and crude play is bound to keep every audience member on their toes. And if it does any differently for you, you’ve probably lead a very sheltered life.

Bachelorette runs from May 13-18, 2014, at Red Sandcastle Theatre (922 Queen Street East @ Logan). Tickets are $20 – get them here. We want to hear from you! Tweet us your thoughts @tosocialreview.

Andrea Wrobel, Senior Staff Writer

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