A passport… for beer? You heard right!

Active June 1st, 2014, is a brand new activity for the scavenger-loving craft beer fans of Toronto: the Craft Beer Passport. In its simplicity, the passport is an opportunity to visit bars you may not usually go to and to try beers you may have never heard of. And for all those with a taste of adventure, it’s a reason to spend some well deserved time on a patio or two with something deliciously local and/or independent in your hand.Craftbeerpass_logo

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy the passport for $20 online or at select bars.
  2. Visit any of the participating bars between June 1st – November 30th.
  3. Choose one 12oz. craft beer from a list of three beers offered to you at each bar.
  4. Drop em’ a Toonie (the legal minimum price!).
  5. Enjoy your beer and get your Passport marked off!Repeat steps 2-5 for the rest of the participating bars!

This is one of many projects helmed by Mike Stulberg, an OCADU Master of Design student here in the city. With a budding interest in craft beer, Stulberg considers himself a beginner beer lover, going to show you need not have extensive beer knowledge to enjoy this activity…. But we all know that!

“I wanted a way to learn more about [craft beer] in a leisurely and approachable fashion,” he said. “I also noticed that the bars which have picked up on the craft beer movement are usually small and independently owned. These establishments typically have a strong local following.”

With an interest in businesses that shape and grow communities, Stulberg’s passport not only encourages Torontonians to shop local but also allows participants and businesses to see the benefit of this pairing.


“I thought it would be fun if people from across the city had the chance to explore different neighbourhood favourites, while learning more about craft beer.”

Stulberg hopes the passport will bring new customers to new areas of the city and that interest in local and craft beer continues to grow, encouraging the production and support of the business.

“For the next year there will be some new bars participating and some old favourites, too,” he said. And it doesn’t stop there!

“Right now I’m also playing around with a few different concepts. One of which is to have each bar spotlight a particular beer in tandem with a brewery from the Toronto area!”

Be sure to gets your passport here and tweet @tosocialreview and @craftbeerpass to let us know how you’re doing!

Andrea Wrobel, Senior Staff Writer

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