The Italian Contemporary Film Fest in Toronto June 12-20

The 3rd annual Italian Contemporary Film Festival, or ICFF for short, is taking place June 12-20th here in the city, bringing ambitious and modern films and their actors to the city. As the only Italian film fest in Canada, it brings international recognition to experiences and expression centred on Italian life, culture, and history to five Canadian cities throughout the week. This year there are 28 features and 37 shorts to behold.


The Toronto portion opens June 12th with The Best Offerdirected by Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso) followed by the opening night gala at the Ritz-Carlton, one of the festival’s sponsor’s. Guests in attendance include actors Stephen Baldwin, Vittoria Puccini, Nick Mancuso, and so much more!

We took a peak at two films you can catch this week, both with special guests appearing at the post-screening Q&A’s! Check them out:


Tutta colpa di Freud (Blame Freud) 
Screening: Friday, June 13 @ 9:15pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox – tickets
Special guests: Dir. Paolo Genovese, Actress Vittoria Puccini

*** (of 5)

“Did you know that the most common illness in the world is love?”

Director Paolo Genovese explores this practice of finding true love in Blame Freud. A gay daughter turning herself straight, a woman falling in love with a deaf man, and a 19 year old dating a man thirty years her senior is our canvas for Genovese’s commentary on sex, age, and ability. And it’s a good one. Through the eyes of a single father and his three adult daughters, we are brought along on their journey to find happiness. Happiness, of course, lies in their idealized view of equating it with a relationship, but perhaps Genovese is begging us to question this trope; an idea we may be far too familiar with.


Sotto una buona Stella (Under a Lucky Star)
Screening: Thursday, June 19 @ 9:30pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox – tickets
Special guests: Actor/Dir. Carlo Verdone

**** (of 5)

Ever feel like you’re an outsider in your own family? Director and protagonist Carlo Verdone brings us a true comedy about reconnecting with complete strangers than just so happen to be… his own children. With a theatrical feel, Under a Lucky Star challenges us to reflect on the decisions we make when the choices are still available to us. The film also comments on the generational shift of Western Europeans – aptly relatable here in North American – and the state of culture in Italy; two views often explored inherently by twenty-somethings across the map.

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Andrea Wrobel, Senior Staff Writer

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