Countdown to Toronto Fan Expo

I will admit it, I have never been to Fan Expo. Please don’t judge. This is not to say that I’ve never WANTED to go, oh no. I am attracted to all things horror/sci-fi/video games, etc, but Toronto Fan Expo 2014 will be my first experience among the crowds of fans, celebrities, vendors and, undoubtedly, amazing cosplayers. I am beyond excited.


The preliminary schedule has finally come out and I already feel like I am short a TARDIS, a Delorian or an Animus. The 2014 schedule is jam-packed with Q & A’s, panels, workshops, autograph sessions and parties. It’s almost too much to handle. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend all four days, I have but one tiny day to take it all in. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to.

12368842673_a2970c4c8a_zFRIDAY AUGUST 29th, 2014

11:00am : Getting started with tabletop Role Playing Games

I’ve just been introduced to the wonderful world of Magic the Gathering. Though I’ve got the basics down I’ve found myself occasionally calling 401 Games for advice. Hopefully this workshop will clear some of my many questions up. I also think it’s important to mention that since making my first deck a few months ago and telling friends about it, I keep hearing “Man, I wanted to play Magic the Gathering when I was a kid but could never find anyone to play with.” We are not alone folks. This might be your chance to control the cyclops army you’ve always dreamt of.

11:15am: (This is when the H.G. Wells time machine would come in handy)
Life After Archie

Though the Fan Expo site doesn’t seem to have many details about this particular event, I suppose it’s a talk with Fernando Ruiz, writer for Archie Comics. I have been a die-hard Archie fan since I had pocket money to blow at the corner store. With the release of the highly entertaining Afterlife with Archie, my passion was re-ignited. With any luck this event will give us a glimpse of what went into making the Riverdale gang so darn addictive.

12:00pm: Blood on a Budget

For anyone who has mixed copious amounts of karo syrup with equally copious amounts of food colouring, I suspect this will be an hour well spent. With seasoned veterans talking about not only the art but also the marketing of indie horror films, this is something not to miss. Filmmaking often sounds and feels like a herculean task (it’s not easy but not it’s impossible either) so any advice from pros who have been there is always welcome. Besides, if someone gives you the chance to sit in a room with the guy who wrote Canucula! (Dracula in Canada) you best show up!

Bathroom break!

1:00pm: Dalek Building 101

This better mean I can learn to build an actual Dalek…PROCRASTINATE!


If you’ve seen Glay and Quantum Destiny’s cosplay, you know these are the people you want to learn from. Their anime cosplay bodysuits are impressive to say the least. Though I’m unconvinced of my own propensity to build a muscle bodysuit, I’ll definitely be popping in to check these guys at work.

12368954733_040c47ff9f_k4:00pm: Nightmare on Elm Street Live Cast Reunion

Robert Englund, Heather Lagenkamp and John Saxon. Classic.

5:00pm: Meet the cast of Cannibal the Musical.

Waited for months (or paid tons of money) for your ticket to Book of Mormon? I’ve got sour news for you Jack, it all started with Cannibal the Musical. Written by Trey Parker, it’s an original bad boy of musical theatre. If you’re not familiar with this movie, look it up, you won’t be disappointed. To top it off, the live stage show is coming to Toronto in February of 2015. Hop on this bandwagon!

6:00pm: Steampunk Parasol Dueling Demonstration

Simply put, I really don’t see how you can go wrong by attending this event.

Now admittedly, I’m not someone with the patience to wait in line for autographs so I’ve left out a number of great Friday panels and autograph sessions (Matt Smith. MATT SMITH!). If that’s your bag, you’ll be well served but don’t forget, this is a place to indulge in who YOU are.

You can find the full preliminary schedule on the Fan expo website or by clicking here!

Geek out loves. See you at the Expo!

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