The Countdown Continues – Toronto Fan Expo

No countdown is complete without…well… some sort of a counting down of time remaining before any given event. Fan Expo is coming to Toronto in a few short days…


12368937613_8b3fb8801c_k6 DAYS!

And what is going down in 9 days exactly? Well, for starters, opening day of Toronto Fan Expo. Though Thursday is a half day with events starting at 5pm and the last event scheduled for 8:30pm it’ll be compact but no less entertaining. It’s a well known fact that what was once known as comic book expos are now more “everything that has anything to do with sci-fi/comics/cartoons/horror/television expos” which is why I appreciate the name “Fan Expo” over Comic Book Whatever. That being said, for comic book fans, You’ll want to show up early on Thursday.

5:00pm: Autograph sessions

Again, I preface this with a warning…these autograph sessions are for COMIC BOOK fans. You know, comic books? Those amazing stories people tell with insanely intricate and dynamic images? The people signing autographs tonight happen to be great artists.
Mahmud Asrar: If you’ve ever looked at a drawing of Supergirl or She-Hulk and thought “Dayum.” Mahmud might have had something to do with it. Google image search his name. You’ll see what I’m talking about.
Brian Azzarello: This super talented guy is responsible for 100 Bullets and writing the re-launch of Wonder Woman. (He also happens to be married to Jill Thompson who is one of my favourite artists so he get’s bonus points in my book. More about her later.)
Charles Soule: Another big player in the game, Soule is the creator of Strongman and writer for (among other things) She-Hulk and Inhuman. He’s also the creator of Strange Attractors whose name, funnily enough is really close to the Sudbury-based band Strange Attractor. Coincidence? Hmmmm……

6:30pm: Star Wars Masks, Costume & Prop Workshop

One can only wonder how elaborate this workshop would be. I’m still waiting for someone to teach me how to make my own light-saber (yeah yeah, must be a Jedi, blah blah blah). I figure that at the very least, it will be cardboard on popsicle sticks and at the very best it’ll give you tools to actually make some Fan Expo-worthy outfits and props. Time will tell!

7:15pm: Cosplay: Altering Commercial Patterns

I must preface this by saying I am a costume purist. I personally don’t “do” costumes that come in a bag but I don’t judge those who do (Okay, I’m lying, I do, I totally judge). This workshop takes it a step further, this is for people who make their costumes and who want to give them their own personal touch. I’m clapping over here. You can’t see me but imagine someone in their Dawn of the Dead t-shirt on their couch, clapping in front of their laptop. That’s me. I encourage all cosplayers to attend this one. Let’s all take it up a notch!

812369236884_f719387394_k:00pm : Q & A Session with Jason David Frank

One does have to mention the Q&A session with Jason David Frank better known as the Green Ranger…and then the White Ranger…and then Zeo Red Ranger…and then Turbo Red Ranger and subsequently Black Dino Ranger and back to Green Ranger. More importantly he played AJ on Sweet Valley High. But seriously, Power Ranger.

As all days of Fan Expo are, Thursday is filled to the brim with people to meet, things to do and stuff to buy. These are just the standouts for me but be sure to check out the full schedule here.

See you at the Expo.

– Marika Lapointe

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