ScienceROCKS! at the Ontario Science Centre

by Marika Lapointe

Have you ever wanted to learn a song in 3 minutes and play it in front of an audience? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a music producer? Or maybe your dream is to make your own cigar box guitar? If you’re over 19 and free on September 18th, this is your chance to live out your rock and roll fantasies.

For the third time this summer (yes, it is still technically summer) the Ontario Science Centre is opening its doors after-hours to welcome the grown-up crowd for a night of  discovery and play (and adult beverages if that floats your boat). The concept of adults-only time at the museum has been graining popularity and the Ontario Science Centre has been working with the ROM and the AGO to perfect their version of this type of event. Their objective is to offer a richer experience to their guests and an opportunity to explore the Centre sans enfants. The result is a jam-packed evening that will be sure to excite and entertain all types of music lovers.


The Science of Rock N’ Roll

If you’re the type who likes to take it all in, you’ll be well served with very special musical guests Steve Cropper and Jonny Rosch (if you don’t know them by name perhaps mentioning Blues Brothers Band, Booker T. or a little ditty called (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay will ring a bell). Guests can hear a panel dissect the Anatomy of a Hit Song in the Hot Zone or attend the 7:30pm screening of the concert film Rolling Stones: Live at the Max. Guests are also welcome to roam the Science of Rock N’ Roll exhibit throughout the night.

Rock makeover

Channel your inner Bowie…

For those feeling a bit braver after a cocktail or two can learn to play a song and get up on stage to perform with the League of Rock. Should your musical aspirations be better kept private you can build your own cigar-box guitar to take home. Or if you want to look like a rock star but don’t sound like one you can get The Beauty Team to give you a complimentary rock and roll makeover.

This is really an opportunity for the Ontario Science Centre to shine and to show just how exciting and special this place can be. They hope to keep this program going so if you attend be sure to leave feedback before you leave.  This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and do something different that feeds the mind and the belly (be on the lookout for the Fleetwood Mac & Cheese).  If you’ve been to this event, let us know what you think in the comments below!

$15 advance
$18 at the door

For more information visit the ScienceROCKS! page.


Photos credit: Grant W. Martin 




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