Try Something New: Toronto Global Game Jam 2015


300 participants, 48 hours, and a whole batch of newly created games. If you’re looking for a challenge, a venue to explore your creativity and what has been described as a high unlike any other, we bring you the Toronto Global Game Jam (TGGJ).

If you’ve heard of 24 hour theatre challenges and 48 hour film contests, you know the premise of TGGJ: take a group of people, make up teams and set a ridiculous deadline to create something new.



Anyone! Regardless of age, abilities or experience if you are passionate, hard working and flexible you are welcome to join in on the fun. Participants can either register as a team, solo artists (who will work alone) or floaters (who find a team on the first day of the jam or spend the weekend helping a number of teams). Not into programming video games? No sweat. Previous Game Jams have seen the creation of card games, live-action games and board games. All types are welcome.



The 4th Toronto Global Game Jam is one of the many satellite events in an international weekend-long phenomenon. With over 72 participating countries and 400 locations, the Global Game Jam outputs somewhere around 4000 new games in a three day span.

What's an ourrboros? That's an ouroboros.

What’s an ourrboros? That’s an ouroboros.


Every year, the Jam endows a theme which serves as inspiration for one aspect of the game. Previous year’s themes include “The sound of a Heartbeat”, the image of Ouroboros, “Deception” and” We don’t see things as they are, we se them as we are” There are also diversifiers if you want to increase the challenge for your game creation.


By 7pm on Sunday night, when everyone is properly sleep deprived and mentally exhausted, teams present their games to the other participants. Though the video games are often only at prototype level they are playable. Previous year’s games have even gone on to be fully developed and released onto platforms such as the WiiU.


The TGGJ will take place at George Brown College’s St. James Campus (341 King st. E – King and Princess). Further details to come, check the website for more details in the coming days.


To participate you must register by January 16th. The event itself begins the evening of January 23rd, and ends on the evening of January 25th.


Register here for the game jam.

The fee to participate is a nominal $25 and will include some meals and surprises for participants.


The Toronto Global Game Jam is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and try working in new, innovative ways. It’s a perfect venue for creative exploration and you can even use the weekend to develop new skills (I’m told that within a weekend it is possible to learn enough basic programming to create your own games at home). It’s a weekend of energy, pressure, invention, fun, imagination and teamwork. **Bonus points: The TGGJ hosts an arcade night a few months after the Jam so game creators can polish and show off their games in a more rested setting.**

Even if you aren’t confident enough in your abilities to participate, there will be an Open Doors event on Sunday night for the public to see what the teams have managed to put together in two days. Check out the website for more details in the days leading up to the event.

Hope to see you there!


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