16 reasons to see Cannibal! The Musical (and 1 reason not to)

1. It’s a musical about cannibalism.

2. This live show is a stage adaptation of the cult-classic Trey Parker film of the same name distributed by Troma Films in 1996. The story follows a band of men out to stake a claim in the Colorado Territory. With the help of their (less than stellar) guide Alferd Packer they must make their way through the Rocky Mountains while dodging dodgy characters and maybe making a snowman or two on the way. When the party goes missing and the only person found is Alferd, he is accused of cannibalism and sentenced to death. Enter Polly Pry, reporter, desperate to get to the bottom of the case. The story unfolds as Alferd tells Polly the truth about his ordeal while awaiting his execution.

3. The creators of the show, Christopher Bond, Aaron Eyre and Trevor Martin are the comic minds behind another cult-classic-revisited-as-a-stage-show: Evil Dead: The Musical. With that kind of credit you can rest easy knowing your favourite salty musical is in good hands. In fact, their Evil Dead credit played a part in them acquiring the rights to this show.

4. If you liked the original movie, you’ll be happy to know there are five new songs in this show. But let’s be honest, you’ll still be walking out of the theatre signing “Shpadoinkle”.

5. The show is loosely based on the true story of Alferd Packer the first person accused of Cannibalism in the United States. Therefore seeing this show is akin to watching a documentary…kinda. Bonus culture points for being a musical!

6. Polly Pry and Alferd Packed are played by Elicia MacKenzie and Liam Tobin. You may know her as the winner of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? And you may recognize him from Shrek The Musical and Next To Normal (not to be confused with this guy). The pair are strong performers and have some serious pipes. It’s a treat to see them take the stage together.7.

7. The other cast members include Second City alum and other wonderfully funny people. Marty Adams, Mike “Nug” Mahrgang, Trevor Martin, Mark Andrada, Lana Carillo, Tim Porter, Troy Goldthorp and Constant Bernard have some serious comedic chops and it’s a treat to see THEM take the stage together.

See? Vest.

See? Vest.

8. Lots of swanky vests.

9. The show is, according to co-creator Trevor Martin, “irreverent”. That means: check your sensitivities at the door and be ready to laugh at things you would normally feel obliged to shake your head at (including, farts, blood, guts, cussing and Japanese cowboys).

10. Flashbacks!!

11. The project was borne out of friends working with friends and there always seems to be extra magic when shows contain that special kind of fun and folly. If these guy’s previous projects are any indication, Cannibal! The Musical will benefit from the same positive energy.

12. The show features a song about building a snowman that it has nothing to do with….well, you know.

13. If you’re curious about the music, you can access free downloads of songs from the show, including Shpadoinkle and Meat My Destiny at Cannibalonstage.com (autoplay music warning).

14. I am told someone’s butt gets eaten on stage. I was also asked to specify that means consumed, not…eaten. YouknowwhatImean?

15. Flashbacks!

16. If you’re anything like me, you will have the song Shpadoinkle stuck in your head for weeks after seeing the show. It’s a great song but it might slowly drive you insane and lead to you eating your friends. It’s unlikely but one can never be too safe.

17. Cannibal! The Musical officially opens at the Panasonic Theatre February 17th, 2015 and runs until March 8th, 2015. You can purchase tickets through TicketKing or at the box office.

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Photo credit: MullenPhotos.com

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