What We’re Looking Forward To At Pages UnBound

The second annual Pages UnBound Festival starts today and we couldn’t be more excited. With talks from Guy Maddin about dreams and narratives, to discussions asking, “What does poetry sound like?” Pages UnBound guarantees to “stimulate creativity and insight.”

The festival is put on by the FORCE for Cultural Events Production Inc, who were founded in 2009 to carry-on This Is Not A Reading Series (TINARS) (voted “Best Reading Series” by NOW Toronto). Last year we experienced some really exciting talks by people like Atom Egoyan and a great multi-media presentation featuring poetry by Margaret Atwood.

This year’s lineup looks even more exciting. Below is the full listing, our picks are marked with an *.

  • *May 7 – 8:30pm – Dreams and Narratives
    Filmmaker, author and installation artist Guy Maddin and Robert Enright of Border Crossings will start the conversation with their take on unique narrative strategies, early cinema, surrealism and decadent literature, with clips from Guy’s newest film Forbidden Room.
  • May 8 – 7pm – Storytellers: Literature and Film
    Writer-Directors Mike Hoolboom, Martyn Burke, Ann Shin and NOW Magazine’s Susan G. Cole continue the conversation with  and their distinctive creative processes and transformative philosophies.
  • *May 8 – 9pm – What Women Write
    Visual, oral and audio presentations from a group of talented – and highly unique – female authors on the internal and the external influences that have shaped their work, featuring Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, Zoe Cormier, Sarah Henstra, Heather O’Neill and host Zoe Di Novi.
  • *May 9 – 1pm – Transcending Print: Online Lit, Cell Phone Novels & Transmedia Culture
    This interactive workshop will take a three-pronged approach, exploring the groundbreaking “cell phone novel,” the intersection of online communities with multimedia technologies and Japanese, youth and pop cultures. The experience will include writing activities, multimedia presentations and round-table conversation. The workshop is facilitated by author and English-language cell phone novel pioneer Takatsu and communication technology researcher Jack Jamieson. (CSI Annex – 720 Bathurst Street)
  • May 9 – 7pm – The Virtual Coffee Table: Photo Books in the Digital Age
    Superb photographers Geoffrey James, Vincenzo Pietropaolo and Lana Šlezić on to the same stage in with visual and oral techniques showcasing their work, and the future direction of the photobook.
  • May 9 – 9pm – The Cabaret of Wild Culture
    A late-night, vaudeville-esque session exploring a wide swath of art forms – performing, culinary and musical arts, dance, improvisation and the science of ecology – and discover connections between and within the “wild” and the cultured. Featuring Elizabeth Bettencourt, Tony Calzetta, Zoe Cormier, Alec Dempster, David Ferry, Gemma Files, Marc Glassman, Bob Nasmith, Cathy Petch, Leon Rooke, Whitney Smith and the Society for the Preservation of Wild Culture.
  • *May 10 – 3pm – The Sound of Literature
    A panel featuring Tom Howell, Katherine McLeod and Damian Rogers with moderator Jessica Duffin Wolfe of The Toronto Review of Books will consider, and listen to, the noisy conversation between audio and creative language.
  • May 10 – 7pm – The Ward: Slums to Skyscrapers
    John Lorinc, Michael McClelland, Vincenzo Pietropaolo and Ellen Scheinberg join host Gerry Flahive with their insights on this fabled Toronto neighbourhood, why it ceased to be and its meaning today.

Unless otherwise notes, all events are at The Randolph Theatre (736 Bathurst Street). Click here to get tickets.

We’ll be live tweeting the event from @TOSocialReview and sharing photos on Instagram @TOSocialReview. You can also follow @PagesFest for updates.

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