TORONTO FRINGE 2015: What We’re Stoked To See

Adventures of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl

Out of the coffeeshop and into THE JUNGLE! Joanie follows her anthropologist dreams with a job at The Jane Goodall Institute, Africa! This new, standalone story & follow-up to the 2014 Toronto Fringe sell-out hit, is more caffeinated fun – with chimps! ★★★★ NOW Mag, Torontoist, NY Stage. Outstanding Performance & Production(NOW) & Best Musical(BroadwayWorld)

By: Rebecca Perry
Company: Rebecca Perry Productions
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Director: Matt Bernard
Cast: Rebecca Perry
Producer: Jennifer Walls 

A Man Walks Into A Bar

A man walks into a bar and asks a waitress for a drink. A tense and funny metatheatrical look at gender dynamics.
From Rachel Blair, 2008 New Play Contest winner for Wake (NNNN, ***** Eye Weekly, Best of Fringe) and David Matheson, Artistic Director of Dora-nominated Wordsmyth Theatre and director of [sic] (Best of Fringe) and Bluebeard (Patron’s Pick).

By: Rachel Blair
Company: Circle Circle
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Director: David Matheson
Dramaturg: Andrew Cheng

Warnings: Mature Language

A Nurse’s Worst Nightmare

A Nurse’s Worst Nightmare is a hilarious and insightful look at the life of Zabrina Chevannes, a comedian, nurse and mother of two. This solo show will take you on a journey through her childhood in a Jamaican family to her darkest moments in life fighting off demons of mental illness. Her tales of working in nursing homes, siblings and a near death experience will make you laugh!

By: Zabrina Chevannes
Company: A Nurse’s Worst Nightmare
Company origin: Brampton, Ontario
Director: Paul Hutcheson

Warnings: Mature Language

Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre Live!

Join us at Duotang Chesterfield’s Radio Station for true case files from history’s forgotten detectives! Featuring mysteries from Cambridge’s upper class at the turn of the century to the rough streets of 1970s LA! A rotation of four hilarious and hair-raising evenings performed for you and the listeners at home! Two twenty-minute stories each night!

By: Josef Beeby, Grace Smith, Leete Stetson
Company: Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Director: Aria Umezawa
Cast: Josef Beeby, Grace Smith, Leete Stetson, Marika Lapointe, Rebecca Russell, Nicole Byblow

Life Records

A comical, heartwarming and honest solo show about the songs that make their ways in to our lives and become the “soundtrack” to our memories. This eclectic show is filled with true stories and the songs that bring them to life. Laugh, cry, and reminisce with these classic hits from a silly life.

By: Rhiannon Archer
Company: Beefman Jones Productions
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Director: Lara Johnson
Cast: Rhiannon Archer
Creative team: Helder Brum, Lara Johnson

Meet Cute

The “Meet Cute”… it’s how all the rom-coms begin. Some of the behaviour in those movies isn’t cute at all, but the road to dating is paved with good intentions.
From the writer/performer who brought you last year’s hit show “SLUT” comes a “romantic” comedy about boy-meets-girl, girl-meets-boy. One story told three ways, with a happily ever after.

By: Erin Norah Thompson
Company: Erin Norah Thompson Entertainment and V.TAV Productions
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario

the crazy space adventures of princess sparkly butt and the hot dog kid

A space exploring Princess discovers that she can control time with her butt. She must use her butt powers for good, not evil, if she hopes to save her planet from totally exploding.
This is an action-packed space musical featuring hot dogs, monsters and shimmering butts.

By: Brandon Lane
Company: Hazel House Productions
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Director: Brandon Lane
Producers: Kimberly Persona, Brandon Lane

Age range: 6-12 year olds
Warnings: Fog Machine

The Philanderess

Meet Charlotte. She has a PhD in feminist philosophy, just asked her lawyer boyfriend to be her life partner, and authors a wildly famous blog about sleeping with men on the side. She has it all!
Until one of her lovers – and his entire family – crash her engagement party.
An outrageous, sexy, fast-paced farce inspired by G.B. Shaw’s ‘The Philanderer’!

By: Sophia Fabiilli
Company: Truth ‘n’ Lies Theatre
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Director: Michelle Alexander
Cast: Amos Crawley, Seth Drabinsky, Jakob Ehman, Sophia Fabiilli, Deborah Tennant and Suzanne Bennett
Producers: Grace Gordon, Sophia Fabiilli
Designer: Laura GardnerFight
Director: Nate Bitton

Warnings: Sexual Content, Mature Language

The Real Housewives of Murder

There’s been a murder! Or has there? Who knows? We know! The Realest Real Housewives know! But we’re getting ready for a gala! A tiki gala! There’s no murder here! OR IS THERE?! HAHAHA!
This is a play about Real Housewives covering up a murder. Brought to you by TwoSon, fresh off a run at Toronto Sketchfest. They’re also Second City Conservatory students.

By: Jacqueline Twomey and Devon Henderson
Company: TwoSon
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario
Cast: Jacqueline Twomey, Devon Henderson
Stage Manager: Ana-Marija Stojic

Warnings: Mature Language

All program descriptions courtesy of FRINGETO.COM! See you there!

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