Toronto Festival of Beer – 2015 edition


Yesterday kicked off the 2015 edition of the Toronto Festival of Beer. We popped in to do a walk around and check the products on offer.

Boasting 60 vendors the festival has food and beverage for all tastes.

Upon arrival we opted to skip the line-up for the Bud Lime kiosk and headed for the Irish Pavilion. The organizers of the festival did their homework and headed out to Ireland with Canadian brewers and scouted some of Irelands finest breweries. What that means for you is a chance to taste beers that are not available anywhere in Canada. Our personal favourite was the Oyster Stout made by The Porterhouse Brewing Company. Its unusual method of brewing includes shucking oysters into the conditioning tank. The result is a smoky and nutty beer unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before. A must try.

After powering through ciders and ales and stouts, oh my! We thought a bite might be in order. Local restaurants are well represented and there are great opportunities to discover Torontonian food. If bacon sandwiches are your thing, you will have a tough time selecting one as that seemed to be the menu item of the day for a number of vendors. Hoping for something substantial we tried a Pulled Pork –Mac ‘N Cheese pie from The Pie Commission. It was a bit of buttery heaven. We were especially pleased to discover there are are two The Pie Commission locations in Toronto where you can grab a pie to-go or even bring home uncooked pies for later. Hot Pockets be damned!


We also popped in to the Beerlicious Grilling sessions and sipped Leffe while discovering the ins and outs of the Big Green Egg and learned to love (or tried to learn to love) bleue cheese at the Brewmaster sessions. We were actually bummed to have missed some of these sessions. A very nice addition to the festival-going experience.

If you’re lucky enough to have gotten tickets for the Festival of Beer (the event is now largely sold out) make sure to check out the Local tent and try out some products brewed right in our backyard. The festival has done a great job of sourcing beers you may not know so go on and discover the wonderful world of liquid gold.

The Festival of Beer runs until July 26th. For tickets and information go to

Read more about Oyster Stout at

Pies !

Photos credit: Andrew Williamson

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