Gearing up for Fan Expo Canada 2015

It’s that time of year again. You’ve brushed your wigs, washed your favourite Fallout t-shirt and emptied your piggy bank for this upcoming weekend : Fan Expo Canada.

Though many visit the expo to purchase autographs and attend celebrity Q & A’s, we take it upon ourselves to go beyond the photo ops and the Playstation booth (though, let’s be honest, we’re going to hit that up as well).

There is a LOT going on this year including a ton of film screenings, cosplay workshops, Magic: The Gathering tournaments and Speed Dating. We couldn’t possibly list everything so here are a few things we’re personally looking forward to checking out this weekend.

Ask the Embalmer : For the morbidly curious, this is a chance to see the tools of the mortuary trade. Not only will you learn what happens to your body after you die, you’ll also learn about the tradition of embalming from Ancient Egypt to today. It’s sure to be a ton of morbid fun! (Fri. Sept 4th at 2:30pm)

Powerhouse Museum Collection

Waiting for Portal 3…

Calling all Ghost Hunters: Love Most Haunted? Die-hard fan of the T.A.P.S. team? Join Sèphera Girón, ghost huntress, to learn the tricks and tools of paranormal sleuthing. If you are a firm believer in the afterlife and unfinished business, this is bound to be an interesting chat. (Fri. Sept 4th@ 5 :15pm)

Voice Actor Script Reading: BACK TO THE FUTURE – “I am your density.” Start your day off right with this chance to see your favourite voice actors put their spin on a film classic. We are particularly geeked about this one! (Sat. Sept 5th, 11:00am)

15284483279_883b87fc32_kBlood Spray and Speed Lines: The Life of Gaming Illustrators: For the budding or established artist interested in joining the game creation world, this panel of seasoned game illustrators will help you understand the landscape, the skills and the tools needed to get your foot in the door. (Sat. Sept. 5th at 11:15am)

Horror workshop – F/X Makeup: Nothing rounds out a good horror flick like amazing makeup. This is an opportunity to sit in the same room as some of Canada’s best F/X Makeup artists. You’ll have the chance to pick the brains of the twisted minds that created effects for Silent Hill, Land of the Dead, 300, Saw, Resident Evil and more. (Sun. Sept 6th 2:45pm)

Also worth noting: If F/X makeup is your bag, catch Tom Savini’s Q & A on Thursday at 6:00pm


Introduction to LARP: Live Action Role Playing – Let’s be honest, LARPing has gotten a bad rap over the years. But as it turns out, LARPing is pretty badass. This is a chance to learn what the LARPing community is all really about (hint: It’s not always Styrofoam swords). Go on, give it a shot! (Fri. Sept 4th, 12:30pm)

For more information on these panels and the other events happening at this years Fan Expo, visit

Let us know what you’re checking out this year!

We’ll see you at the Expo.

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